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MOT Testing Magazine – About Us

MOT Testing Magazine – About Us

    MOT Testing Magazine started life in May 1994 as 'MOT Tester & Authorised Examiner' magazine, by Jim Punter, MOT Testing Station owner and Authorised Examiner and advertising and marketing businessman Martin Shippey. Jim was dismayed at the way he and many thousands of other MOT Testing Station owners and employees were being treated by the Vehicle Inspectorate (now called VOSA), the government agency responsible for the MOT.

    Jim and Martin were (and still are) keen flyers and met as co-owners of a light aircraft group based at High Wycome, Bucks. One day Jim asked Martin if he would help in setting up a magazine which would give Testing Station owners a focal point and voice when dealing with the 'VI'.

    Not having anything anything else particularly pressing, Martin agreed and 'MOT Tester & Authorised Examiner' magazine was duly launched.

    The Magazine (now known simply as the MOT Testing Magazine) has seen the VI develop into VOSA (The Vehicle Operator and Services Agency), along with many changes not only in the way the MOT Test is carried out (Computerisation, Automated Testing Lanes etc) but also in the way that VOSA consults with and deals with its 19,000 or so Testing Stations.

    Could that be partly down to the influence of the MOT Testing Magazine? We'd like to think so, but from the many comments we have had and still receive regularly, subscribers to MOT Testing are very happy with the news, reviews, information and comment contained in its pages every quarter.


    In February 2003 MOT Workshop was launched, to bring MOT-related product news, MOT preparation and repair tips and equipment reviews to MOT Testing Stations and non-Testing Stations alike. Better still, it's free!  You can also read selected content online in the MOT Workshop pages.

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