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Tuesday, 26 June 2012 12:19

MOT Bay Camera System

MOT Testing Magazine and Prosol UK
Joint Promotion

MOT Viewing Area Camera System (CKO7171) £195.00 + VAT

cctv-4chan"We have gone to a lot of trouble to source, test and assemble some of the best quality, most reliable and robust in design, most easily fitted and simple to operate equipment, at the best price on the market – we don't believe you will find a better public area viewing camera or security CCTV system with these features, at this price, anywhere... "

Changes to Public Viewing "Area" requirement: 4.1e) a clearly identified weatherproof public waiting room or area from which the whole test can be directly observed without interruption, except for road testing (room for 2 seated people is considered sufficient)

• mirror or camera relayed images may be acceptable if all parts of the test can be observed as it would from an enclosed viewing area with window. Consideration should be given to the quality of image produced during variable light conditions. The use of recording equipment (CCTV) is unacceptable.

MOT TESTING SCHEME Requirements for Authorisation for a Vehicle Test Station (Common to all Classes) November 2009.

Testing Stations are now permitted to provide, as an alternative to the public viewing area, a "camera relayed image" to a suitable waiting area*. The Health & Safety benefits to your business are obvious, and most operations will benefit from the extra floor space this will free up, not to mention other benefits such as security and quality control.

cctvcameraThis Single Camera System is easily fitted, is of superb quality, produces pin sharp images under a wide range of lighting conditions and will reflect well on your business. Visitors in your waiting room will be able to observe their vehicle being Tested in comfort and safety, with no chance of your Tester being distracted.

*Subject to local VOSA office approval.

This package is ready to fit and includes the camera with power supply, a 19" LCD colour monitor with connector and a 20 metre BCN screened cable.

NEW LOW PRICE! Four-Camera CCTV Security System (CKT7310) £417.00 + VAT

4 camWhile not suitable as an MOT viewing area substitute, this package represents unbeatable value if you are looking for a multi-camera security system. Using the same matched and tested components and with the addition of a Digital Video Recorder with 250Gb Hard Disk, you can monitor four cameras on one high quality colour LCD flat screen. Everything you need is supplied, including an installation guide. You can also view the images on an internet network connection (you will need a broadband connection and a router to enable this feature).

PLUS! Take advantage of this superb offer now and get 2 FREE ISSUES of MOT Testing Magazine (worth £12.50) PLUS! a 10% discount off your next purchase from Prosol UK.

Offers may not be used in conjunction with other offers; offer expires 31st Oct 2012.

Last modified on Thursday, 29 August 2013 08:03
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