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    MOT Test of Mirrors

    Applies to obligatory mirrors and "Indirect vision devices" such as cameras – and in this case the method of inspection and reason for failure will apply to both the camera and the screen. Not all mirrors or cameras etc. on all vehicles are subject to Test, depending on the age of the vehicle.

    Those mirrors which must be checked must be

    • Secure
    • Visible from the driver's seat
    • Not distorted or damaged so as to seriously impair the driver's view to the rear
    Obligatory Mirror / Device Fitment Requirements
    Vehicle TypeDate of First UseRequirements
    Passenger vehicles with less than 8 passenger seatsFirst used before 1/8/78At least one mirror/device in any of the above positions.
    Any passenger vehicle(excluding buses and minibuses)First used on or after 1/8/78Two mirrors/devices, one of which must be in position  'a'.
    Passenger vehicles with 8 or morepassenger seats (excluding buses and minibuses)

    Any age

    Goods vehicles
    Buses and minibusesFirst used before 1/8/83An exterior mirror/device fitted on both the offside and the nearside ('a' and 'b').
    First used on or after 1/8/83

    Obligatory mirror options are:

    a. an exterior mirror fitted to the offside (right-hand side when seated in the driver's seat), or
    b. an exterior mirror fitted to the nearside (left hand side when seated in the driver's seat), or
    c. an interior mirror.
    All goods vehicles must have two mirrors, one of which must be option 'a'.
    Passenger vehicles with no more than 7 passenger seats first used before 1 August 1978 must have any one of the above options.

    Reasons For Rejection
    An obligatory mirror:
    a. is missing or insecure
    b. is so damaged or deteriorated that the view to the rear is seriously impaired
    c. does not provide a view to the rear of the vehicle
    d. is not clearly visible from the driver's seat, or incapable of being adjusted to be clearly visible from the driver's seat.

    Additional mirrors
    Any mirrors additional to the obligatory mirrors are not subject to this inspection.