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    MOT Test of Suspension

    Under bonnet checks

    • Upper suspension joints
    • Any other suspension components which can be inspected from beneath the bonnet

    Under vehicle checks

    Applies to the front and rear suspension

    • No split pins or nuts missing, no components broken or excessively damaged
    • Road springs are checked for condition
    • All suspension joints are checked for condition
    • Ball joint dust covers checked for not allowing ingress of dirt etc
    • Shock absorbers must not leak and must be secure (the vehicle will be 'bounced' by the Tester* to check that they damp the springs adequately).
    • Inappropriate repair or modification of suspension components
    • Any drive shaft (except the prop shaft) support bearing excessively worn or coupling gaiter missing or no longer preventing ingress of dirt etc.

    The suspension is checked for wear by the assistant applying loads in various ways with the wheels jacked up whilst the Tester observes the result from beneath the vehicle. This may include the use of approved wheel play detectors in some Test Stations.

    * This item will be removed from the MOT Test subject to the required legislation being passed.

    Note: There are numerous different suspension systems, and the specific nature of any examination will depend to a large extent on the design of the suspension system.