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    MOT Test of Tow Bar (Towing Hook)

    Reason for Rejection:

    • A towbar component insecure, fractured or excessively worn, corroded or damaged
    • Excessive corrosion within 30cms of the towbar mounting is also a fail.
    • Towbar assembly is attached to the vehicle structure using a mounting, support or fixing which is obviously of an inappropriate size or type.
    • Retaining device missing or insecure
    • Locking device missing, insecure, inadequate or damaged to the extent that its operation is impaired.
    • Excessive play between a detachable tow ball and its receiver socket
    • A quick release mechanism that does not secure the tow ball arm as intended
    • A towbar assembly inappropriately repaired or modified
    • A trailer electrical socket insecure or damaged, or deteriorated to the extent that the connecting lead could not be securely connected
    • A trailer 13-pin Euro socket not operating the trailer lamps as intended
    • Wiring showing exposed conductors

    2012 Notes: 1. Does not include emergency towing eyes. If a tow ball or pin is not fitted at the time of Test e.g. because it is detachable, has been unbolted or otherwise removed, but the attachment brackets are still in place these brackets and any trailer electrical socket should still be assessed unless the attachment brackets have been deliberately rendered unfit for further use.

    2. 13-pin electric socket inspection and test for electrical function (specialist tool will be used) and check for inappropriate towbar repairs/modification will come into force when the appropriate legislation has been passed.

    3. 7-pin sockets are not testable with an electrical tester as there is no standard wiring protocol.