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Thursday, 10 August 2017 14:21

MOT Testing 94 – August 2017

Sample Issue

In the August 2017 issue

Government MOT policies – The Government’s MOT policies since 2005 have ensured that it is all but hit VTS sustainability impossible for MOT Testing Stations to make a profit; allowing more businesses into the scheme, passing computer and training costs onto garages while failing to increase the MOT fee for seven years are all pushing businesses closer to insolvency – what is the DVSA Chief Executive doing about it?…

DVSA makes £28m profit – It appears that as a result of passing costs onto MOT Testing businesses, DVSA has been able to ramp up their own profits; their own figures show that those profits come from MOT Testing savings – transferring training costs to Testing Stations and using VEs to support their HGV activities. The MOT industry really should have its own leadership and representation inside DVSA…

Testing Times – News from the MOT industry: Aside from the main issues arising from the front page items, Testing Times covers Insurance, MOT marketing calls and texts, and how consumer websites mis-represent the MOT when comparing it to a regular vehicle service…

Topical Tips – MOT Club’s John Ashton notes that DVSA disciplinary activity is increasing, and furthermore, the goalposts seem to have been moved, unannounced. You may suddenly find yourself going from green to red!…

Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – In this edition: Is a Tester safe to drive a customer’s un-taxed vehicle on road test? Can you refuse to Test a ‘supercar’ if its value exceeds your insurance policy? Plus more on dampers, seat belts and struggling with rates and upgrades on falling revenues…

Spotlight On: – Finance – You need to upgrade your premises/equipment to save money – but you’ve got no money! Here’s how finance works…

DVSA and DfT News – More news from the DVSA and the DfT – Revise MOT Guide, Training dates update, DfT News: 4-1-1 update, EC MOT Changes, a new Minister takes over…

Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from MOT Consultant Eamonn Loney – Dealing with increasing activity from DVSA, Eamonn reports on how a ‘cold exhaust’ meant trouble for a client, how CCTV could save your bacon, and how “Loss of Repute” meant “Cessation” within 24 hours for an AE with FOUR Testing Stations…

Product Review: – ATLs – One of the ways to regain profitability is to invest in an ATL –a hefty investment, but one which will save money in the long run. Here’s a roundup of some of the best on the market…


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Last modified on Thursday, 10 August 2017 15:25