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Monday, 05 February 2018 15:10

MOT Testing 96 – February 2018 issue

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In the February 2018 issue

1. 4-1-1 ‘Rejected’ – Once again the periodicity of the MOT has been put up for change, and once again the proposal has been rejected. The argument for increasing the period between when a vehicle is new and its first MOT may be as weak now as it ever was, but it appears that it may return, and bring further uncertainty to those working in the industry. Jim Punter reports…

Emissions upgrades – Further unnecessary expense to MOT Testing businesses. If DVSA had incorporated pass/fail criteria into the MOT computer system instead of leaving it to be set in the emissions equipment, these costs would not arise.

4. Testing Times – News and updates from the MOT industry: In this issue Testing Times covers ‘shoddy’ DVSA service to Testing Stations, suspiciously falling ‘Dangerous to Drive’ vehicle figures, ‘driverless’ MOTs, DVSA’s non-observance of its Service Level Agreement (SLA) and some MOT Training tribulations…

8. Topical Tips – MOT Club’s John Ashton looks at the MOT computer, and how to take advantage of updates in the ‘Test Quality Information’ section…

10. Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – Letters from our readers cover ‘careless DVSA communications’, news of a useful MOT computer training test function, the implications of advisories, poor VE training and Tester Training exploitation…

18. Spotlight On: – The new MOT Manual. Jim Punter has looked through some draft versions declares that it ‘differs considerably’ from the current manual and provides a useful overview of the major changes…

20. DVSA and DfT News – Latest news from the DVSA – Items in this issue include: DVSA’s declining quality, new diesel limits and DPFs. From DfT: The main item from DfT is the 4-1-1 issue, and the possibility of the MOT Fee being reviewed…

22. Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from MOT Consultant Eamonn Loney – Eamonn informs us that disciplinary action from DVSA may be prompted merely by ‘suspicious’ timings of Tests recorded on the MOT computer, and also warns us to take care with registration plate digits…

24. Product Review: – Emissions Testing Equipment – With the new diesel emissions regulations coming in May many VTSs, if not able to update old smoke testing equipment, will need to purchase new. Here’s a useful buyer’s guide to what’s on the market.

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Last modified on Friday, 09 February 2018 10:09