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MOT News

MOT Blogs

  • MOT price cutting and fee discounting
    We recently received this letter from a reader of the magazine – unfortunately too late for publication in the February ’15 edition, but we will include it in the May edition as we consider it…
  • Stolen Vehicle Report
    I thought it would be good to follow up on the vehicle security, since there has been quite a bit of news recently on car thefts, in particular a piece on Watchdog on the BBC…
  • Diesel Particulate Filter Removal, and the MOT
    Diesel particulate filters – and the MOT In late September, a labour Peer in the House of Lords, Lord Berkeley, asked the Government what on the face of it was a simple question: "what steps…
  • Brake Imbalance Debacle?
    As Testers know, Special Notice 3 0 2013 took effect on 26th June this year. It mandated a new way of measuring and recording brake imbalance by using either ‘lock-up’ or ‘slippage’ readings. There is,…
  • EU want MOT and repairs separated…
    Last summer the EU Commission, just a year after their last load of MOT revisions issued a proposed new ‘Regulation’ about MOT Testing. Within their proposals were some good ideas –  getting cars off the…
  • MOT Training 'Word Games'
    Guess what currently appears to be an 'heinous' word in the motor trade vocabulary ********?It is a little word which often can be used to avoid a lot of "heartache", particularly in the MOT testing…
  • Key Security Systems
    Transponders have been around for some time on vehicles, in 1994 Ford Motor company started to fit transponders to Fiestas, Transits, Mondeos and other models. The system was called PATS (Passive Anti Theft System). This…
  • MOT Fee Discounting
    Over last Saturday’s leisurely breakfast, I was reading the motoring section of the Weekend Telegraph and was intrigued by a column’s headline ‘STEERING YOU THROUGH THE TRIALS OF THE MOT’. As others before him, the…