MOT Test Classes – Description

New MOT Notification service

MOT Test Classes – description The vehicles subject to Test under the Regulations are divided into the following classes: Class Description Age at which first test is required (years) 1 Motor bicycles (with or without sidecars) up to 200 cm3 3 2 All motor bicycles (including Class 1) (with or without sidecars). 3 3 3 wheeled vehicles not more than…

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Draft of new MOT Inspection Manual released

New Tester's Manual Draft

DVSA have released a ‘Final Draft’ of the new MOT Inspection Manual. The Manual is based on domestic legislation currently in force and complies with Annex I to Directive 2014/45/EU. Future changes in legislation or in vehicle equipment design may result in variations to the test requirements. This will probably be the final version which will be circulated to Testing…

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