A new era begins for the MOT Test

A new era begins for the MOT

DVSA begins rollout of new “web-based” MOT system

MOT Testing Magazine editor Jim Punter spoke to DVSA’s Neil Barlow, the DVSA official responsible for the new ‘Online MOT Computer’ project.

DVSA initially conducted a “trial” phase involving three weeks of running the new MOT web-based software, without actually recording the MOTs live on line, in 40 garages of various sizes. Problems which arose enabled the new system, including the helpdesk and other backroom processes, to be refined.

Leading up to the bank holiday towards the end of May, DVSA rolled out the new service in some of the Government’s own Testing installations, and during the last week of May a small number of independent garages will also be trialled on the system. This is, as Barlow noted, “likely to be a little bumpy to start with…”, but he expects it to settle into a sound rhythm of working so that they can start ramping up roll-out into the entire MOT Testing network (approximately 22,000 businesses) from the first week in June, adding: “This first phase will just give Testing Stations the ability to ‘claim’ their account, check their account details and do ‘demo’ tests.”

Up to this point the current VTS system (Atos) will still be available to those garages involved, but from the second week in June it is anticipated that those garages already ‘switched on’ will no longer need the Atos system and will do all their MOT Testing using the new web-based service.

It is expected that the Atos system will be swithched off completely by 31st August 2015, and any Testing Stations not up and running on the new system will no longer be able to carry out MOT Tests.

Members of the public are unlikely to experience any change in the way their vehicle is MOT Tested unless unexpected glitches cause the system to break down.

The Atos system is being replaced because of lack of functionality and the high cost of maintaining and updating the system.

We will be keeping our magazine subscribers and website visitors informed as the situation develops.

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