After the MOT Test

MOT Problems?

This page deals with problems you might have following an MOT Test. Should your vehicle have passed and it has been failed? Should it have failed and it has been passed? either way, you are entitled to an explanation. [All references to VOSA have been changed to DVSA]

If you disagree with the MOT Test result

Firstly, discuss the problem with a qualified person at the Testing Station.

If you are still not happy, follow the instructions below – do not carry out any repairs yourself or let anyone else carry out repairs to your vehicle.

Incorrect Fail

Complete form VT17 – available from the Testing Station – or telephone the DVSA enquiry line (0300 123 9000.

Your appeal must be received within 14 days of the MOT Test being carried out. You will be required to pay DVSA a full Test fee. You will then be offered an appointment within 5 working days for DVSA to re-examine you vehicle. If your appeal is successful some or all of the Test fee will be refunded to you.

Incorrect Pass

This may occur if you have bought a vehicle with a new, or recent, full MOT but the vehicle has faults for which it should have failed. Contact DVSA as soon as possible. DVSA will assess whether your complaint is valid (there are certain items which you may think are dangerous but which are not part of the MOT). If DVSA accept your complaint they will offer an appointment to view your vehicle within five working days, without charge, provided:

  • Not more than 3 months have elapsed since the time of the Test for a corrosion defect, or;
  • up to 28 days for other defects

Click here for VOSA contact information 

Before contacting DVSA please read the following notes

VOSA provide this service as a means of monitoring the MOT scheme and road safety standards generally

DVSA will not seek redress or compensation on your behalf. You may take action in conjunction with your local Trading Standards office, commence proceedings personally or refer the matter to the police.

(DVSA will supply copies of inspection reports and advisory items following their check of the vehicle).

DVSA may or may not take action against the MOT Testing Station involved but that should not have any bearing on any action you may decide to take.

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