Autotech Recruit launches free virtual training platform for their temporary technicians

Autotech Recruit's "Our Virtual Academy" website will enable vehicle technicians to train in their own time

Surveying its network of over 450 temporary vehicle technicians and MOT Testers during the unprecedented lockdown, Autotech Recruit has responded to calls for greater training by launching its own platform on Our Virtual Academy – enabling contractors to access FREE training.

In addition, as the training provision will incorporate courses in Hybrid and Electric vehicles, the move is also set to underpin Autotech Recruit’s objective to make all contractors fully conversant in these vehicles by the end of 2020.

Following the survey results which saw 60% say they would like to undertake further training, Autotech Recruit has invested in the site and developed an exclusive platform with Our Virtual Academy.

Autotech Recruit’s platform offers 180 online training courses on a range od automotive systems, including electric and hybrid cars.

With access to 180 online training chapters, tutorials and final tests, contractors can fully maximise the current enforced downtime to upskill.

With over 70% of technicians seeking employment through Autotech Recruit citing lack of progression as the overriding factor for them wanting to move on, the company has always been a driving advocate for lifelong learning within the industry – and its dedicated Autotech Training division is testament to this.

“While supporting the industry as a whole with training provisions, we have used this lockdown period to speak to our contractors and understand what they are looking for to take their careers to the next level.” Comments Simon King, Managing Director of Autotech Recruit.

“With training factoring highly amongst them, we have brought forward plans to create a training platform and worked with Our Virtual Academy to launch our own online provision which is immediately available to our contractors.”

While virtual courses have previously been available to contractors at a discount, this isn’t the first time Autotech Recruit has provided free training. In 2018, the company launched its Manufacturer Led Recruitment programme to help leading UK car manufacturers overcome significant loss of revenue through the skills shortage.

Intensive Training

Under the programme,a group of regionally-based temporary vehicle technicians are sent on an intensive training course, at each manufacturer’s dedicated training facility, to ensure they are trained to their specific standards before filling labour shortfalls. 

“As temporary technicians, our contractors have the ability to take control of their own career progression. We are dedicated to supporting their ambitions, and providing them with training provisions where we possibly can to not only demonstrate our commitment to them, but to ensure that they remain agile within this rapidly evolving industry.

Effectively, we are putting our money where our mouth is.”

Alongside Electric and Hybrid vehicle training, Autotech Recruit contractors will also gain access to a vast array of nationally recognised training content such as emissions, diesel diagnostics and air conditioning servicing.

Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

Significantly, the platform also features a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) which will assist contractors in identifying their individual training needs, while ensuring Autotech Recruit maintains its promise to clients to supply highly trained vehicle technicians.

How garages will operate in the short-term once lockdown measures are eased remains unclear, however, one thing is certain, vehicle technicians and MOT testers will play a crucial role in dealing with the inevitable demand.

Simon concludes: “The industry was already suffering with a shortage of skills, so as many garages remain closed, it is essential that our contractors maintain and improve their skill set to ensure they are ready to fill the inevitable labour shortages once the automotive aftermarket re-opens.”

For further information please contact or call 01234 240503.

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