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PMD Business Finance

PMD Business Finance is one of the UK’s leading providers of automotive equipment finance.

The firm can finance any equipment in the sector, which is why it considers itself a ‘true finance partner’. Predominantly, PMD’s clients are small to medium-sized businesses and PMD specialises in building long-term relationships.

PMD is lending in excess of £75M each year, and this level of volume means the firm gets the most favourable rates from their funding partners, allowing them to pass these savings on to their clients. Whether buying a one-off item of equipment or re-equipping your whole garage, PMD can assist. With over 40 funding partners at their disposal, along with their own finance portfolio, PMD can provide numerous credit lines allowing customers to purchase multiple items of equipment from different suppliers.

Finance Options

Lee Schofield, sales director and automotive finance specialist, said “Our aim at PMD is to communicate that there a number of different finance options available that aren’t restrictive – businesses don’t just have to look towards the banks for financing anymore. Whether you’re a new start-up or an established business, we can assist and support business expansion. We work for the customer and everything we do is for their benefit. Over the years, we’ve found that businesses want to pick up the phone and speak to someone they trust. We pride ourselves on providing that personal, human touch, whether the client is spending £2,000 or £200,000.”

He added: “Working with a trusted finance partner allows faster access to money. We can turn deals round within a few days, allowing you to maximise opportunities straight away. Some clients have told us they’ve waited months for their bank to make a decision. These delays have often stifled their plans. We can also include some intangible elements when financing equipment, which can include electrical work, partitioning, pits etc.”

To speak to the experienced and friendly team at PMD about the different finance options available, call 0161 633 2548.

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