Car Owner’s Guide to the MOT Poster


The ‘Car Owner’s Guide to the MOT poster (COG) is as far as is practically possible, a complete guide to every item which is Tested during the car or motorcycle MOT, presented in an accessible way for the benefit of the car owner, or ‘presenter’. The method of Testing each of the various safety or emissions systems is simply explained so that the presenter will understand the criteria for pass or fail.

Its usefulness also extends to the Testing Station owner, who finds that it facilitates explanation of the reason for failures or ‘advisories’ to the presenter.

The Car Owner’s Guide Poster is therefore ideal for promoting both consumer and trade products, especially when the objective is to build brand recognition and visibility over the long term.

Car Owner’s Guide to the MOT Poster

  • A2 poster designed to be fixed to MOT Testing Station waiting area wall
  • Contains guide and explanation of complete MOT Test items
  • Updated annually, with overview of MOT Industry text and explanation of the scope of the MOT
  • Useful for vehicle presenters, as source of detailed information on the MOT
  • Useful for Testing Station owners, as an aid to explanation of Test results
  • Useful way of gaining car owners’ attention and interest while they are dealing with matters relating to their vehicle
  • Popular with garages due to attractive presentation of useful information

To Advertise:

Viewers of the Car Owner’s Guide to the MOT Poster will typically be those car owners who attend to their own car servicing and MOT. They will be in the waiting area of the MOT Testing Station and will most likely be receptive to advertising which is relevant to their situation, such as car or motorcycle insurance, motoring accessories and products, vehicle disposal as well as general brand visibility advertising.

The Car Owner’s Guide to the MOT Poster is distributed free annually in August to over 18,700 MOT Testing Stations.

for advertising details: 01707 273 999 ext. 260.

MOT Testing Magazine is published quarterly in February, May, August and November.

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