Comp II update: more software glitches

Here’s the latest update on the new ‘online’ MOT computer.

Whilst the system is working, and for the first two Tests of the day Testing Station staff at MOT Testing Magazine’s editor’s Testing Station could initially complete a Test and print off the document, that’s no longer the case. Whilst his Testers can log passes and failures electronically – which can be confirmed by looking at the Test log, they can’t produce a printed document for the customer. So if you have that problem, make sure that you check that Test log when you think the Test has been entered. If it isn’t on the log, then it hasn’t been recorded on the system, and you will need to complete a Contingency Test document, and ‘catch-up’ later when the system is working again.

It was also good to see that the Senior DVSA Official who our editor spoke to yesterday was as good as his word and issued a contingency code in the morning – but initially it was only available on the helpline. By 10.30, however, this was sent out by e-mail to VTSs, admin staff and Testers.

It has also been reported that motorists have been stopped by police, or been told to bring their documents to a police station for not having a valid ‘online’ MOT – it seems that some police forces have not recognised the Contingency MOT certificate. We have urged the DVSA to remind Police Chief Constables that such certificates are valid even if there is no electronic record on their computers.

Another glitch in the system appears to be that the system has reported spurious out of hours Tests being conducted, for example at 1.00 am in the morning. Yet when checking the Test log and slot audit against vehicles which were actually Tested during working hours there was no difference – it is clearly another glitch in what is becoming an increasingly suspect system.

Lets hope they get it right before mid-September when the old Atos system is completely switched off and there’s no alternative!

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