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Comp II Workarounds from DVSA

We have been asked by DVSA to update our Trade readers with the following:

1. The existing retest process has changed within the MOT testing service. To carry out a retest, you’ll now need to carry out a vehicle search via the ‘Start MOT test’ button and the service will recognise if your vehicle qualifies for a retest. You’ll then need to confirm if you want to retest your chosen vehicle.

This means the old ‘retest’ link, which used to be under the ‘Start MOT test’ button, has been removed.

All the existing retest rules still apply. To find out more visit the following page on the GOV.UK website:

2. An online workaround is now available where a garage or a vehicle owner can submit the vehicle owner’s contact and vehicle details to the MOT Modernisation Project and we’ll then issue a duplicate certificate to the vehicle owner either via email or through the post.

Please note – the garage or the customer can fill in the relevant details and they just need to go to the following link on the GOV.UK website top gain access to the online tool to submit their details:


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