Connected equipment transition period

MOT Connected Equipment

DVSA have issued the following statement:

MOT connected equipment transition period
We’ve introduced a transition period of 3 months for new or different AEs (authorised examiners) taking ownership of a currently authorised VTS (vehicle testing station) to get mandatory connected equipment installed.

This means that new equipment won’t need to be installed in the VTS the day it reopens so gives you time to set it up. Currently, only roller brake testers need to be able to connect to the MOT testing system.

Decelerometers will need to be connectable from 1 February 2020 with other items following shortly afterwards. If mandatory connected equipment is not in use after 3 months from the date the garage opened, the site will have to stop testing.

We’ve been listening. We’ve introduced this transition period following feedback from you. We want to make the process of taking over an existing garage or setting up a new one as smooth as possible. We’ll keep you informed of future developments on connected equipment.

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