DABmotion digital radio garages wanted

Digital radio specialists Celsus aim to build a UK garage network of digital radio installers ahead of the upcoming digital radio switchover.

With a formal announcement on switchover widely tipped for next year, or early 2016, Celsus have been busy developing all the elements independent garages need to access to successfully earn from the DAB retrofit profit opportunity.

It’s still less than 12 months since the launch of the DABmotion brand but this has since been followed by the UK introduction of the DAB1001 conversion kit in July which operates wirelessly to deliver high quality digital radio through the existing audio system. 2014 has seen a move to new larger premises with enhanced customer service, training and technical support facilities whilst the Poole-based specialists are also working closely with Digital Radio UK to ensure their products and services will benefit from consumer ‘Tick’ mark accreditation later this year.
“We’re working on all aspects garages need to maximise profit from selling DAB digital radio conversions,” said Celsus marketing director Mark Baker. “We aim to work with proactive garages throughout the UK so the DAB profit opportunity doesn’t get lost to the major chains.”
Celsus have developed a suite of marketing materials too, recognising the major opportunity garages have to upsell DAB conversions into their existing customer base. The final piece of the jigsaw is training. Celsus became an IMI Awards Approved Centre in February and have had their in-house DAB installation training assessed and endorsed through Quality Assured Awards (QAA).

Training can take just half a day, delivered on garage site. Celsus say this is because it’s tailored tightly to delivering exactly the sort of practical information installers need, based specifically around their DABmotion product range. They even offer the security of a promise that anyone completing even the shortest course will then be confident to install working DAB on any vehicle.

To find out more about DAB1001, the profit opportunity or for details on training courses, please visit www.dabmotion.co.ukor follow @DABmotion on Twitter.


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