Diesel particulate filters to be checked for MOT

In a move designed to ensure that Britain is compliant with EU law, the Department for Transport announced this week that from February next year (2014), MOT Testers will have to check that if a vehicle was originally fitted with a diesel particulate filter they will have to ensure the filter hasn’t been removed – and if it has, then an MOT failure will apply.

This is all well and good, but we do hope that before this becomes mandatory for the MOT that Testers will not only be given information that enables them to know whether or not such filters were fitted to the vehicle they are about to examine, but also where it is to be found.

Given that a lot of small specialised businesses have sprung up offering to remove such filters when they become clogged, it may be anticipated that a lot of vehicles will be failing the MOT following this new ruling.

More information on DPFs here.

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