DVSA changes Risk Assessment Scheme boundaries

Red/Amber/Green boundaries for the MOT Rsk Assessment Scheme have suddenly changed. DVSA’s intention to do this was flagged up in an e-mail earlier in the month, but the change, when it came, was an unpleasant surprise to many Testing Station owners as their status was unexpectedly downgraded.

Green garages went into amber and many amber garages suddenly found themselves in the red zone. Perplexed and worried Authorised Examiners couldn’t understand why they were suddenly in the red or amber when nothing in their business operation had changed. They had not had a DVSA visit and are now puzzled as to what to do to recover their previous RAG rating.

We have asked DVSA for more information and an explanation of the changes and will publish details in the next edition of MOT Testing magazine (February 2017).

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