DVSA crackdown on MOT fraud

DVSA Enforcement

(Image): MOT Test pass issued on the computer, but no vehicle presentDVSA can monitor MOT passes being issued in real time on the MOT computer – if they see a pass being issued for a vehicle not on the premises they are watching, severe disciplinary action will follow.

In a recent blog, the DVSA issued a not so veiled warning to Testing Stations that it is ramping up its disciplinary activity to catch out errant Testers engaging in MOT fraud. They report that:

“In 2021 to 2022 we saw 1324 total counts of MOT Fraud. 710 of those, were the most serious cases relating to dishonesty and negligence. To put this into perspective, in 2017 to 2018 there were less than half this figure (351). In these most serious cases, we’re able to use the full force of the law. In 2021 to 2022 we prosecuted 20 cases (involving 24 defendants) – a 900% increase from 2018 to 2019.”

DVSA also noted:

“In 2021, we banned a total of 127 Authorised Examiners from running Vehicle Testing Stations, and 288 from the MOT scheme … This included bans for 85 Authorised Examiner and 185 Tester cases relating to the most serious offences including dishonesty, and gross negligence.”

They then cite a number of cases in which Testers issued pass certificates for vehicles which never attended a Testing Station, noting that such fraud is easily detected as they note:

“The latest technology and intelligence-based targeting allows us to track vehicle movements, meaning we know where vehicles are, and where they’re not. We can then compare this with MOT test data to ensure the right outcome.”

A sort of ‘big brother is watching you!” warning. It is becoming obvious that after all the difficulties and disruptions caused by the Covid crisis, DVSA are getting back to normal. So make sure that as Testers you are diligent in your work and be careful, you never know, that vehicle you are examining could be a DVSA vehicle with known defects which they will expect you to find – or not! And for Authorised Examiners make sure that all your administrative systems would pass muster with the DVSA, and that you make your own internal checks to ensure that none of your Testers are going home and secretly issuing pass certificates behind your back. Because if they are, and you haven’t done internal audit checks which would have discovered the fraud, you could be in trouble too…

And for motorists reading this, the vast majority of MOT Testers and Testing Stations are honest and diligent in applying the MOT rules correctly to ensure that our roads remain as safe as possible. However, there are exceptions, so if a Tester approaches you with the offer of an MOT pass saying, “you don’t need to come to the Testing Station”, then you need to get in touch with the DVSA and report the potential fraud.

Our MOT SHIELD service protects AEs by providing an MOT Consultant to represent them in cases of disciplinary action by DVSA.

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