DVSA MOT update 2019 – what’s coming up?

DVSA New MOT Notification service

DVSA MOT update

DVSA have recently flagged up a number of issues they are working on regarding their MOT Computer – but there’s much more going on behind the scenes even on the issues they have raised.

The next issue of MOT Testing, due out in early February will provide a much greater insight into what DVSA are up to – and, of course, what they should be doing but are not!

Here are some of the key issues featured in the next edition of MOT Testing.

  • Training troubles: Honest training providers are concerned that some cowboy training companies are both short cutting their MOT Training courses and allowing candidates onto their courses who haven’t got the required four years experience – what’s going on?
  • Tester risk assessment: With Testers being risk assessed Red/Amber/Green, a Test Station’s own risk score could in turn be deleteriously affected – what’s happening there? We interview the man in charge at DVSA, Neil Barlow, to get a better insight into what AEs can do to make sure their Testers ‘stay in the green’.
  • Incorrect vehicle registration entries: DVSA will be clamping down on this and disciplinary actions may soon occur – but its not so simple. We look into what DVSA intend on this issue.
  • Linked Test lanes: How long will it be before you don’t have to labouriously enter RBT and emissions data into DVSA’s computer – why can’t the equipment talk to the MOT Computer? It might be coming sooner than you think.

The issues above, and other matters – changes in log-on security, specialised MOT tablets, re-calls not fixed becoming MOT failures etc. will be covered in the February 2018 issue of MOT Testing Magazine.

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