DVSA publish browser recommendations for ‘on-line’ MOT Testing

Whilst they haven’t set anything in stone yet, the DVSA have suggested that the four best browsers to adopt to carry out ‘on-line MOT Testing after 2015 are:

  • The latest version of Google Chrome
  • The latest version of Firefox suppled by Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) and above (IE10 and IE11) by Microsoft with it latest IT equipment
  • Apple’s Safari 7, with its latest IT equipment

As yet, they haven’t revealed details about the Software and Hardware required by Vehicle Testing Stations which will be required to run the system, or how Testing Stations are expected to fund equipment and software from a ‘frozen-fee’.

Where’s the money coming from? Lobby the DVSA!
They have also asked for your views – please, please get in touch and ask them how Testing Stations are expected to pay for new computers, software, and a link to an approved browser from a discounted frozen fee. The more complaints on the fee issue they receive, the greater pressure on the Minister to do something about it!

More and more EU changes almost every year until 2023
If you want to see how the EU leads to an excess of regulation, look no further than the MOT Testing Scheme. The EU Commission, already obese with over-regulation, just can’t stop stuffing itself with more and more, yes and even more MOT rules.

Here’s a list recently published by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) on the fall-out from the most recent MOT Testing EU Directive:

20 May 2017
Necessary changes to domestic legislation complete to enable the directive changes to take place

20 May 2018

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  • Updated test content
  • Introduction of minimum competence requirements for new testers and refresher training requirements for all testers
  • EU Commission to adopt rules under Delegated Acts on access to technical vehicle information required for PTI
  • The use of tailpipe or OBD for emission inspections under certain conditions for Euro 5 or 6 engines. Euro 5 tailpipe or conditional OBD (On Board Diagnostics), Euro 6 free choice between tailpipe or OBD
  • Minimum content and compliance with harmonised Union codes for the roadworthiness certificate
  • Rules on deficiencies

Minor – no re-test required
– Major – re test
– Dangerous – the Member State may prohibit the use of the vehicle on public roads

Potential use of electronic vehicle interfaces for electronically controlled systems: ABS (Anti lock Braking System), EPS (Electronic Power Steering) etc

30 April 2019
Commission to report on the inclusion of light trailers and two and three wheeled vehicles in the Directive

30 April 2020

  • Commission report evaluating the introduction of an electronic vehicle information platform to exchange vehicle specifications with car manufacturers plus test results and odometer readings with other Member States
  • Commission report on this Directive with regard to harmonisation, effectiveness of the provisions on the scope, the frequency of testing and mutual recognition and re-registration of vehicles in other Member States

01 January 2022

  • 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles above 125cc (categories L3e, L4e, L5e and L7e) to be tested unless exempted by the Member State and replaced by alternative road safety measures
  • Provisions to be decided by each Member State (Frequency, test items and test method)

01 January 2023
Compliance with the minimum provisions for supervising bodies

20 May 2023
Compliance with minimum requirements for testing facilities and equipment

And that doesn’t cover MOT changes which might need to take effect to modify the current MOT exemption for Historic Vehicles.

For more details on the practical affect these will have for Testing Stations, subscribe to MOT Testing magazine.

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