EU now pushes for ‘Testing Only’ Testing Stations

A different culture
It has to be noted that there is a different MOT culture in most European countries where there is a distinct separation of MOT Testing from the repairs, with the most notable exceptions being Britain, Holland and Malta. Yet those three countries also have amongst the safest roads in Europe – so any argument that mixing repairs and testing endangers road safety is spurious, especially with the strict enforcement of MOT regulations carried out by VOSA in Britain.

It should also be noted that in European countries with ‘stand alone’ MOT Testing Stations, the market is dominated by large companies with huge warehouse-like MOT Test facilities – there are very few small independent outlets. If similar MOT Testing were applied in Britain, the thousands of small MOT businesses currently providing a highly local and convenient MOT Testing Service to motorists, would almost certainly become displaced by large ‘supermarket-like’ MOT Testing chains – in a similar way that supermarkets have forced so many of their small high street competitors to close.

It is thought that in the UK, motorists would not want to have to go to the expense and inconvenience of three separate trips to have thier car MOT Tested; firstly for the initial Test, then to be repaired if it failed, then re-Tested back at the original Testing Station, and then be charged another MOT fee.

In the opinion of one MOT industry insider: “…this misguided suggestion is not in the interests of convenience for the motorist, and makes no beneficial contribution to road safety. It would, however, certainly suit the interests of large faceless conglomerates, which may see large profits in imposing an expensive and inconvenient ‘supermarket’ style culture on MOT Testing in the UK”.

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