FAG’s Smart repair solution for trucks and trailers

FAG SMart Solution

Schaeffler (UK) Ltd has introduced FAG SmartSET – the ready-to-fit wheel bearing repair solution for trucks and trailers.

Pre-assembled, pre-greased and pre-positioned, it is the ideal problem-solver for UK independent garage workshops who work on Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs).

The FAG SmartSET reduces repair related downtime to a minimum, making assembling and greasing unnecessary.

It is estimated that garages can save up to two hours per axle with every FAG SmartSET repair compared with conventional tapered roller bearings.

Pre-positioned rolling elements and the unique sliding fit of the FAG SmartSET make wheel bearing repairs a true ‘one man job’ with the reduced assembly time increasing revenue.

This not only removes the chance of fitting failures, but it also increases the service life of the bearings and reduces wear related repairs.

FAG SmartSET is so practical it can be used on most brands – for all commercial vehicle and trailer axle types – with oil or grease lubrication. Delivered as a ready-to-install kit, it features inboard and outboard bearing units.

And each SmartSET includes special fitting tools, making the need to purchase additional special tools unnecessary.

Malcolm Short, Technical Services Manager for Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket in the UK, said: “The new FAG SmartSET is the perfect wheel bearing repair solution for all technicians who work on
HCVs that enter their independent garage workshops.

“The FAG SmartSET bearing unit is pre-assembled at the factory, simplifying installation and the pre-greased bearings guarantee the correct specification and amount of grease is used.

“The rolling elements are pre-positioned by a support ring, which eliminates additional wheel rotation when adjusting the bearing, and the FAG SmartSET also features a sliding fit, which prevents the hub from tilting during assembly.

“Installation errors, such as using the wrong specification (or amount) of grease, are eliminated with the FAG SmartSET.”

In addition, the FAG SmartSet features:

  • a dust cover which eliminates grease contamination by preventing dirt ingress
  • Durotect® B coating protects against corrosion as well as preventing slip damage and the formation of micro cracks
  • and a supplied fitting tool which makes installation both simple and safe.

The FAG SmartSET has been developed exclusively for the aftermarket to meet the needs of the modern workshop with the service lifetime being double that of a conventional tapered roller bearing.

Schaeffler says using a SmartSET will save one wheel bearing repair during a truck’s service life, and reduces the time needed for each subsequent repair, making it great news for distributors, garages and fleet operators alike.

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