Fault results for selected vehicle

MOT checks categories diagram, fault results

This page shows the fault results for the vehicle selected on the previous page.

The results in the faults table below, based on the vehicle details you’ve entered, are listed in general MOT Failure categories – some faults may be ‘Major’ and some ‘Dangerous’, which would have rendered a vehicle with those faults illegal to use on public roads.

If a vehicle fails with ‘Dangerous’ faults, drivers are advised to either have the vehicle repaired at the Testing Station, or if repairs can’t be done there, towed to a suitable facility for repair or disposal.

Click on the ‘Fault’ link in the table to see a complete description of the MOT inspection and ‘Reason for Rejection’ of items in that category.

Click on the ‘Faults’ above to view the relevant MOT Guide page, or the button below for a complete list of MOT Guide pages.

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