Fewer MOTs: more road deaths and injuries

Fewer MOTs means more road deaths and accidents

The Government’s recently declared consultation on deferring most vehicles’ first MOT until they are four years old will directly affect MOT Testing Stations; it will also have a bad affect on MOT workshops.

Motorists with a three-year old car will assume that because the Government says its OK not to have an MOT, that it’ll be OK not to have maintenance carried out either.

The only saving grace from a service/repair workshop point of view will be that by year four these vehicles will carry many more defects, (a 31.6% estimated fail rate – see p.14 MOT Testing) which will have to be remedied.

Disgracefully this announcement is pure politics – playing with peoples’ lives for political point scoring.
DfT’s own calculations suggest that it will cause 55 more road deaths and 338 more serious injuries…!

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