GEMCO acquire manufacturing rights to Precision Point products

Gemco acquires Precision Point Ltd

GEMCO acquire manufacturing rights to precision point products

GEMCO Equipment Ltd are pleased to announce their acquisition of the manufacturing rights of products as supplied by Precision Point Limited – a supplier and manufacturer of specialised wheel alignment equipment to the UK and export market for nearly 3 decades!

For over 28 years, GEMCO have distributed the entire range of products such as the well-known, industry standard optical alignment gauges and caster camber kits. These products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and will continue to be, with manufacturing relocated to GEMCO’s large workshop facility in Nottingham. The manufacturing of the range will be easy to integrate into current operations as our production facilities have all the necessary tooling and equipment.

Additionaly, as our production facility is sited adjacent to our warehousing complex, distribution of the product can be carried out very efficiently.

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