Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers is 45 years old and married with two children.

He has been in the Automotive sector since leaving school, when he joined Lucas Automotive as an apprentice.

Following his apprenticeship he joined Lucas Engine Management Systems as an electronics engineer, and subsequently moved to Lucas Aftermarket as a Test Equipment development Project Manager.

In 1995 he moved into Lucas Test Equipment as the Laser 2000 Diagnostic Software Manager.

In 2000 he left TRW Automotive as it was known by then, to set up Advanced Diagnostics Ltd, a company that specialised in equipment for programming and copying transponder keys on cars and trucks, along with Advanced Keys Ltd which supplied keys, transponders and remote controls.

In 2011 he decided to exit from the AD company and relocate to Devon, setting up The Diagnostic Box.

Subject(s): Key Security Systems

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