The Guide to the UK MOT Test

MOT Test Body Condition

Motorists – you’ll find everything you need to know about the MOT Test here.

Under ‘MOT Checks List’ you’ll find a complete description of all MOT Test checks.

The MOT Price List for all categories of vehicles is here.


Under ‘MOT Q&A’ you’ll find pages of motorist’s questions posed on this website and answered by an MOT expert. (Answers were correct at the time of being published, and regulations may have changed since then).

MOT Manuals

Under the ‘MOT Manuals’ heading you’ll find copies of the actual manuals used by MOT Testers when carrying out the MOT Test.

MOT SignMotorcycle checks

Under the ‘Motorcycle Checks’ tab is a list of checks carried out during the motorcycle MOT Test.

Information for motorists

Under the ‘MOT Information for Motorists’ tab are many further documents with more MOT specific information, from vehicle categories, a price guide, information about DVSA, the government agency which administers the MOT, how to prepare your car for the MOT, and much more.

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