Head of MOT Policy says “Carry on Testing”

DVSA New MOT Notification service

In a telephone conversation with JIM PUNTER, Chris Price, Head of MOT Policy at DVSA says he is happy for MOT Testing Stations to stay open and carry out MOT Tests on cars.

However, he said that car owners should only take their car in to have an MOT carried out if it is the only vehicle available to them and its MOT is about to expire – if a family has another car which has a valid MOT then preferably that car should be used instead, leaving the car with the lapsed MOT off the road until the situation returns to normal.

He also said that in view of the current Covid-19 ‘lock-down’ situation DVSA will also accept MOT Testing Stations carrying out MOT Tests ‘behind closed doors’ ie not allowing customers into the viewing or reception areas as is usually required under the regulations.

Furthermore, in order to minimise contact between garage employees and the public, the requirement to provide paperwork will be waived, if preferred by the MOT business.

As we have noted elsewhere, the system which some garages have adopted is to collect, Test and if necessary repair customers’ vehicles, before returning them to their owners with controls and interiors wiped clean, this we believe is the safest option for Testing Stations and for motorists.

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