The MOT for Car drivers

If you’re looking for information about the UK MOT Test, and a complete list of MOT checks, you’ll find it in here. A selection of links is provided below, but there’s too much to list all of the content – explore the whole website by hovering on the tabs at the top of the page and selecting from the content which drops down.

Motorists will find a complete list of MOT Test checks here, MOT News here, the MOT Forum, where car owners can actually ask MOT Testers about the MOT Test here, and much more, including the motorcycle MOT, MOT FAQs and more detailed information about aspects of items inspected during the MOT, including links to the actual MOT Testing manuals used by MOT Testers. You can even search for your nearest MOT Testing Station here.

Hover over the ‘MOT Guide’ tab at the top of the MOT Guide page to see a full list of content.

MOT Trade News, Information and Services

If you’re in the MOT business, there’s lots of information to be found under the MOT Trade tab or on the MOT Trade page. DVSA and trade news, Training information, NTTA sample questions, an MOT Tester’s Quiz, an MOT Trade Directory and of course, much more.

There’s also an Equipment buy and sell section under the ‘MOT Bay’ tab, read sample editions of the MOT Testing Magazines online (or view the whole magazine online by subscribing), or read MOT Workshop online FREE, subscribe and renew subscription to online viewing and posted magazines, and a list of MOT equipment trade suppliers.

Select items from any of the drop-down tab menus at the top of the following pages, or select articles from any of the menus on the Trade Pages to read about the MOT.

Updated: Prepare your car for the MOT

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