How to claim your VTS listing

This page explains how to claim your VTS Listing.

  • Firstly, click on the “Claim this Listing” link on your own listing.
  • If you’re logged in, type in details of your ownership (AE, VTS No.) and if they match our records we’ll approve the claim immediately. In some circumstances we may need to contact you.
  • If you’ve never created an account, create an account now: click the “Login” link and look for the “Register” link on the next page.
  • Select the “Register Only” option and fill in the boxes. Make a note of your username and password for future use.
  • Once you’ve responded to the confirmation email you’re “registered”
  • Now click on “Claim this Listing” again and type in the details of your claim (see above).

Listing types

If you follow the link in your confirmation email you’ll be given a selection of levels to choose from, as follows:

Free Basic Listing

A ‘Free Basic’ listing is free and does not expire. You can add an image and 35 characters of text to your VTS description.

Subscribed VTS Listing

The ‘Subscribed VTS Listing’ costs £25 a year (renews every 365 days).
You can add two images and a description of your business (up to 200 characters).

Subscribed Extended Listing

The ‘Subscribed Extended Listing’ costs £65 per year (renews every 365 days) and allows you to post up to 6 images, and a description of your business (up to 450 characters) PLUS Facebook and Twitter links and active links to your email and website (if you have one).

To start the process, go to your listing and click on “Claim This Listing”