How you can benefit from air conditioning servicing

Sun KoolKare Blizzard PRO - air conditioning

We’re getting towards that time of year when temperatures start to rise and drivers find themselves reaching for the air conditioning (AC) button more often.

And this is a great opportunity for you to capitalise on by offering air conditioning servicing and recharging to customers in order to generate additional revenue with very little required by way of extra labour.

Owners know that their vehicles’ AC systems should be checked and topped up every couple of years, especially if they want to keep them in peak working order so they can stay cool and comfortable when the temperatures go up.

But over time those systems do become less effective when their levels of refrigerant run low and when that happens, that is where you can step in to drive additional revenue without too much additional effort.

90 second set-up

Using the Sun KoolKare Blizzard PRO air conditioning servicing unit, it takes just 90 seconds to get set up – from connecting the unit and identifying the vehicle and inputting any additional data required.

Then it’s just a case of pushing the ‘start’ button and allowing the machine to get to work.

The Blizzard PRO is a fully automatic recovery and recycling unit with automatic taps so you can just set up the recycling procedure and leave it to run while you deal with other jobs in the workshop. No more operator input is required until the end of the procedure.

This all means that while you are working and earning money, your air conditioning servicing unit is doing just that at the same time – so your revenue is going up despite your workload barely increasing at all.

The opportunity for increased revenue is high, not least because of the different levels of service you can offer with the Blizzard PRO, which is also capable of dealing with hybrid cars running with HD11 oil.

As well as recharging a vehicle’s air conditioning system, the Blizzard PRO includes KoolKlean, a purification system that cleans and sanitises the vehicle, eliminating any bad odours such as cigarette smoke.

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