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Ring Automotive bulb replacement

New research from Ring, the automotive lighting experts, shows that 59% of UK motorists “don’t know” what kind of headlamp is fitted in their vehicle. It also reported that 43% would be willing to pay for a bulb change: a sure sign of the rise of the “do it for me” motorists.

The research highlights a clear opportunity for garages to increase profits by offering basic maintenance checks for drivers, and the chance to trade up to high performance bulbs.

Gareth Ware, Trading Director at Ring, says, “Garages have a profit-making opportunity when it comes to offering basic car maintenance for busy drivers. With over 43% willing to pay for someone else to change a car bulb, there’s a market there for added value and services. One option could be to offer basic vehicle health checks – which could include topping up fluids, checking the battery, topping up tyre pressure and replacing any failed bulbs.”

Ring Automotive night shotThe study showed that 26% of drivers said they had halogen headlamps – the most prevalent type of headlamp bulb – with 5% answering Xenon HID lamps and 10% LED headlamps. Ware continues: “These results suggest that motorists aren’t always aware of the different types of bulbs used on the front of a vehicle. Given what we know about the current prevalence of LEDs in the market, it’s most likely that many of the 10% who selected LED headlamps are referring to LED daylight running lamps. Garages can use this lack of knowledge as an opportunity to educate and therefore build loyalty with customers.”

A simple way to boost profits without requiring any additional time for technicians is to recommend high performance halogens. Upgrading requires no more effort than installing a standard bulb, with no wiring changes or time-consuming installation needed, and will generate more profit for garages. Meanwhile, high performance bulbs – such as the new Ring Xenon150 – give clear benefits to drivers, who will have more light on the road for safer night time driving. Xenon150s come in H4 (SRP £36.99) and H7 (SRP £39.99) references, and are the longest lasting +150% brighter bulb on the market.

Ring Automotive pack shotThe bright, white light they produce gives better reflection from signs and road markings, and the increased light on the road allows drivers to see hazards more quickly. Once a driver is converted to performance halogens, drivers tend not to go back to standard bulbs, meaning an opportunity for a repeat installation the next time the vehicle is in with a faulty bulb.

Xenon150s are on sale at motor factors nationwide, and there is also a countertop display unit available. For more details, visit

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