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The links below will take you directly to the page which has details of the MOT test of that item, with descriptions of ‘Minor’, ‘Major’ and ‘Dangerous’ criteria.

(0) MOT Test of registration plates and vehicle identification number (VIN)

(1) MOT Test of brakes

(2) MOT Test of steering

(3) MOT Test of  windscreen (visibility):

(4) MOT Test of lights and headlamps (including reflectors, switches and trailer socket)

(5) MOT Test of tyres and roadwheels

(6) MOT Test of vehicle structure and body

(7) MOT Test of other equipment – incl. seat belts and supplementary restraint systems, airbags)

(8) MOT Test of exhaust and emissions (including noise and fluid leaks)

MOT Test of instrument panel warnings and indicators (grouped here for convenience from above sections)

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