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Make sure you don’t type a zero (0) instead of an ‘O’ or vice versa
Full postcodes need to have the space in between the two groups of characters, but to broaden your search, just use the first part of the postcode.
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Type in a postcode, partial postcode or the name of the town you are searching for below – 8 results per page are shown:

Search Instructions

To find an MOT Testing Station

To find an Testing Stations in or near a city or town:

Type in the name of the town or city into the “Find Listing for:” box, then hit Return

Or, click on the “Find Listing” button for more detailed search options.

The resulting search will list all MOT Testing businesses found, up to eight to a page, with their locations indicated on a map. The map will give you directions from your current location (if you have set your browser privacy preferences to allow this) or from a postcode you type in. Select “Next ≫” to go to the next page of found garages.

Advanced Search

To refine the search results, type search terms into other boxes and click ‘Search’ (ie, to find a motorcycle Testing garage – Class 1 – type ‘1’ into the ‘Test Classes’ box, and the name of the town into the ‘Town/City’ box. When inserting multiple search terms, make sure that they are all in the correct boxes, or your search will yield ‘no results’.

CLASSES – brief description*:
1 – Motorcycles up to 200cc;
2 – All Motorcycles incl Sidecar;
3 – 3-wheeled vehicles up to 450 kg;
4 – Cars
5 – Vehicles with more than 13 passenger seats
7 – Goods vehicles over 3,000 kg

*Complete description of MOT Test classes here.

Scroll down to see garages which satisfy your search criteria, listed under the ‘Search Results’ heading (or ‘No Listings Found’ if no garages are found).

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