More MOT misery for diesel drivers – and Testing Stations

MOT diesel emissions test at MOT Testing Stations

It’s now well known in the MOT Testing industry that new diesel emissions limits will apply from May 20th this year, and Testing Stations will either have to buy new emissions testing equipment in order to test to the new limits, or, if their existing equipment is compatible, have a software update installed.

DVSA have confirmed that any Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) which does not have the required equipment or software update must stop all Testing – including of petrol-engined vehicles, hybrids and LPG equipped vehicles.

While the exact figures aren’t known, it is rumoured that up to 6,000 MOT garages may have to stop MOT Testing after 20th May because they won’t have diesel smoke meters capable of testing diesel emissions to the new EU regulations.

5 – 6,000 MOT Testing businesses affected

DVSA have stated that if Testing Stations can’t test diesel engine emissions to the new limits by May 20th, they will have to stop Testing – but do they realise the size of the problem? We have heard persistent rumours that this would apply to at least 5,000, and possibly up to 6,000 VTSs.

The problem arises because either Testing Stations who have ordered new diesel emissions testing equipment won’t have it delivered on time, or for those MOT businesses who simply need a software update, the companies contracted to update the software won’t be able to do so until after the deadline.

We suggest that DVSA should either make an exemption until the problem is resolved, or allow those Testing Stations affected to MOT Test non-diesel engined vehicles until their smoke meters have been updated or replaced.

Update 16th April 2018:

Following publication of this issue DVSA have issued the following clarification:

“Diesel Smoke Meter upgrades for MOT testing stations
On 20 May 2018, the MOT will be changing with stricter limits for some diesel cars. This will mean upgrading the equipment you use to test for Diesel Smoke Meters. Although most of you are fully prepared for the changes to the MOT, some of you aren’t able to upgrade the software on your equipment, or have new equipment installed, because of delays from the equipment manufacturers.

Testing from 20 May 2018
If you’re affected by the delay, you’ll still be able to continue testing from 20 May 2018. We’ll be issuing a workaround procedure for anyone affected soon, to explain the equipment models that it applies to and details of the procedures. If you haven’t contacted your manufacturer to arrange an upgrade or order new equipment, it’s important that you do. The workaround will only be usable for the equipment or software affected by the manufacturer’s delay.”

We’ll continue keep Testing Stations updated.

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