More than a third of drivers unsure if they will pass new-look MOT

Don't be left fuming at new MOT emissions - new-loook MOTrules

According to an independent poll commissioned by Halfords Autocentre and Cataclean, manufacturer of engine and fuel system cleaning products, more than a third of drivers are unsure if they will pass the new-look MOT, and 12 percent of motorists also say their exhaust emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’; which will be an automatic fail.

• 58% of drivers are unaware of the changes to the new MOT rules in May
• 31% are unsure if they will pass the new-look MOT
• 12% say their car emits a ‘visible smoke of any colour’, an automatic fail
• 10% are unsure if their car emits ‘visible smoke of any colour’
• 27% are “very concerned” over rising transport emissions
• 17% are unclear on the facts about transport emissions
• 27% say lowering emissions is most important consideration for their vehicle
• 61% say saving money is most important consideration for their vehicle

Nearly 60 percent of UK motorists are unaware that the MOT rules are changing in May, while over 30 percent are unsure they will pass the new-look test, a survey has found.

The survey of 1,000 car owners was conducted to establish whether motorists are ready for the changes, particularly in relation to the tougher emissions test being brought in.

New MOT rules, new categories, new checks

[The ‘visible smoke’ issue refers only to diesel vehicles with a diesel particulate filter which was fitted as standard. Testing Manual* entry: “Exhaust on a vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter emits visible smoke of any colour”].

As part of the new MOT rules, which will introduce dangerous, major and minor categories, there will be new checks on brake fluid, tyres and headlight washers. Testers will also be checking that cars do not emit smoke, and that diesel particulate filters have not been tampered with.

This will be considered a major fault, a defect that ‘may affect the vehicle’s safety, put other road users at risk or have an impact on the environment’, and drivers will fail the test and have to repair the fault immediately.

Aaron Edwards from Halfords Autocentre said: “We understand not all drivers will be aware of the changes, as the poll shows. However, motorists can trust that our technicians do, and will be happy to advise customers who may be concerned about their emissions in light of the upcoming changes.”

According to Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy figures, UK emissions of carbon dioxide fell six percent from 2015 to 2016, but transport emissions rose by two percent.

William Jones from Cataclean said: “The government’s motivation for cracking down on vehicles that are emitting toxic gases is, irrefutably, a valid one. However, the problem is that, on top of the fact that many motorists aren’t even aware that the MOT rules are changing, over 12 percent say their exhaust emits visible smoke of any colour, an automatic fail”.

He continued, “Another 10 percent are unsure whether their car emits smoke or not. The fact is, deposits do build up in the engine over time.”

Catacles, driving down emissions for the new-look MOTFor more information on Cataclean, which has been shown in an independent trial to bring down emissions by 24 percent, visit

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* The Testing Manual is still in production and may be revised before May 20th.

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