MOT Test Checks List | What is checked on an MOT

New MOT Checks May 2018

The MOT Test checks list The MOT Test checks list section is a complete list and description of the checks your vehicle will undergo during its MOT Test. While this list groups the checks under each component, the Tester will carry out the checks in a specific sequence designed to save time, Testing all under-vehicle items or under-bonnet items at…

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MOT Test of the Instrument Panel | What is checked

MOT Test of the Instrument Panel

MOT Test of the Instrument Panel While there is no “instrument panel MOT Test” as such, these instrument panel items are collected together here for your convenience, as they are grouped together in your vehicle. They also appear in the section relevant to the Test item. Speedometer (7.8) Test for vehicles first used on or after 1st October 1937 The…

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MOT Test of Vehicle Structure, Body Condition and Security | What is checked

MOT Test Body Condition

Body structure and attachments (6) MOT Test of vehicle structure, body condition and security The following additional inspections will be required regarding the condition of your vehicle’s structure, its body, and whether or not anything is likely to become detached (insecure), and so cause a hazard to other drivers. This section covers the condition of the general structure, but doesn’t…

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MOT Test of Bonnet Catch | What is checked

MOT of Bonnet release catch

MOT Test of Bonnet Catch (3) The bonnet catch is now included under “Visibility” – including the windscreen, mirrors and indirect vision cameras (Section 3) of the new MOT Testing Manual. The reasoning being that an insecure bonnet would be likely to fly up while the vehicle was moving and obscure the view of the driver. The Tester will be…

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UK Car MOT Inspection Manual

UK MOT Inspection Manual, Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles

UK Car MOT Inspection Manual (Classes 3, 4, 5 and 7) (Private Passenger and Light Commercial Vehicle Testing) Crown Copyright, sourced from DVSA February 2018 For motorists the Manual is the key document. This is the ‘Bible’, MOT Testers are told, in their training which must be followed to the letter when inspecting vehicles for the MOT. The key point…

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UK Motorcycle MOT Inspection Manual

UK Motorcycle Inspection Manual

UK Motorcycle MOT Testing Guide (Classes 1 and 2) (Motorcycle Testing) Crown Copyright, sourced from DVSA February 2017 As can be seen from the comparison of the Manuals the MOT examination for motorcycles is considerably more basic than that for cars and light commercial vehicles. This means  that the time taken for a motorcycle test is much less than that…

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UK MOT Testing Guide (Handbook)

MOT Testing Guide Sixth Edition 2017

UK MOT Testing Guide (Handbook for Scheme Administration) Crown Copyright, sourced from DVSA July 2017 The MOT Test in Britain started in 1960, but is now regulated by the European Union through what is called a ‘Directive’. This sets out the minimum inspection requirements for MOT Testing throughout Europe, including Britain. In practice though, some EU member countries decide to…

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MOT Testing Tyres: tyre tread depth water diagram

Detailed information on aspects of the MOT Test. The road safety dangers of worn tyres… Motor Industry Research Association (MIRA) Tests One year after the introduction of tyre labelling, Rezulteo, the purchasing guide and tyre comparison website, wanted to find out whether European consumers were more familiar with the system and if their purchasing behaviour had changed. In 2004, the…

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Motorcycle Testing – Wheels

Motorcycle MOT Test - wheels

Motorcycle Wheels – 3 Wheels – Reasons for MOT failure 1. a. deliberate modification, inadequate repair, excessive corrosion, damage or fracture of a road wheel which significantly reduces the original strength (see information column) b. a spoke which is missing, cracked, excessively loose, bent or corroded 2. An excessively distorted or eccentric bead rim. (see information column). 3. a. loose…

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MOT Test of Suspension | Axles | What is checked

MOT Test of suspension

Axles and Suspension (5) (Formerly MOT Test of suspension) The grouping of MOT checks has changed with the May 2018 revised Testing Manual, and suspension is now included in the ‘Axles, Wheels, Tyres and Suspension’ section. To simplify the descriptions we are including Test descriptions of checks for axles with the suspension checks here, and wheels and tyres are now…

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MOT Test of Lights and Headlamps | What is checked | Headlights

MOT Test of lights and headlamps

MOT Test of Lights, Headlamps and electrical equipment (4) (Formerly MOT Test of Lights and Headlamps) The precise requirements for vehicle lighting are complex and, to an extent, dependent upon the age of the vehicle as to where the lights should be situated on the vehicle, the type of lighting, and how they are checked. Headlamps aren’t needed on vehicles…

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MOT Test of Registration plates and Vehicle Identification Number* (VIN) | What is checked

Number Plate Registration No

Identification of the vehicle (0) (Formerly MOT Test of registration plates and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)) MOT Test of registration plates Required on all vehicles unless they are unregistered, foreign, diplomatic or military May be white, grey or silver characters on black background if vehicle made before 1st January 1978 NOTE: Revised Registration Plate (number plate) Testing and Tow Bar…

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MOT Test of Horn | What is checked

MOT Test of Horn

Audible Warning (7) Formerly MOT Test of horn An audible warning must be loud enough to be heard by other road users. For vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1973, the sound emitted must be continuous or uniform. It can’t be harsh or grating. The following can’t be used as an audible warning: gongs bells sirens anything that has more…

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MOT Test of Windscreen | Visibility | What is checked

MOT Test of windscreen

Visibility (3) Formerly MOT Test of Windscreen The MOT windscreen Test includes all items affecting the driver’s view of the road: the condition of the windscreen, the wipers and washers. Satnavs in the windscreen, furry dice, air fresheners or trinkets hanging from the mirror are not allowed. (The Tester may remove them with your permission). On the basis that a…

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MOT Test of Mirrors | Visibility | What is checked

MOT Test of Mirrors

View to the rear (Mirrors) This section is now covered under the new general section ‘Visibility’, which includes Windscreens, and is repeated in the relevant section on this website here. The Tester will check that all mandatory rear-view mirrors or indirect vision devices provide an adequate view to the rear from the driver’s seat. Indirect vision cameras may replace mirrors…

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MOT Test of Seats | What is checked

MOT Test of seats

MOT Test of Seats (6) Driver’s seat The driver’s seat will be checked for: structure not defective not insecure fore and aft adjustment mechanism works as intended does not move inadvertently backrest can be retained in the upright position The Tester will not check that the driver’s seat can be secured in all possible positions. For electrically adjusted seats the…

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MOT Test of Seat Belts | What is checked

MOT Test of Seat Belts

MOT Test of Seat Belts (and supplementary restraint systems (7) Formerly MOT Test of Seat Belts Most vehicles after 1965 must have seat belts. All seat belts fitted will be inspected. Child seats which are permanently attached to the vehicle using isofix or nuts and bolts will be inspected. Anchorages for the securing of disabled persons’ belts or wheelchairs will…

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MOT Test of Fuel system | What is checked

MOT Test of fuel system

MOT Test of Fuel System (6) The fuel system of vehicles with internal combustion engines and hydrogen fuel cells will be inspected. Any fuel leak will result in a fail. A hole or split in the fuel tank or filler neck will result in a fail, even if the hole or split is above the fuel line. If unable to…

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