MOT Fee Discounting

Over last Saturday’s leisurely breakfast, I was reading the motoring section of…

Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers

Greg Chambers Greg Chambers is 45 years old and married with two…

Jim Punter

Jim Punter, Editor, MOT Testing Magazine

Jim Punter Editor MOT Testing Magazine, Chairman, MOT Forum Subject(s): The MOT…

Eamonn Loney

Eamonn Loney Eamonn Loney is an MOT Industry Consultant, writer and keen…

Dave Garratt

Dave Garratt Chief Executive, GEA Subject(s): MOT Equipment.

Chris Paxman

Chris Paxman Managing Director, TT Automotive With over 30 years of experience…

John Ball

John Ball Managing Director, Motest Group. Subject(s): Service and Repair.