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MOT Shield AE Protection against DVSA disciplinary action

Security and peace of mind for AEs and NTs at an affordable price for the smallest Testing Station

Testing quality is at an all-time low, and DVSA are pledged to do something about it, so we ask: “Can MOT businesses now expect a disciplinary crackdown from DVSA?” We also introduce what we think is the perfect solution to the anxiety and high cost of protecting your business from withdrawal from the MOT Scheme.

Expect more disciplinary visits

The following table has been updated on 7th January 2020

Disciplinary actions

Year 2011/122012/132013/142014/152015/162016/17 2017/182018/19
NTs warned487439625525353290361380
NTs disqualified16214519413798151178179
AEs warned620791741585376366459444
AEs withdrawn1041038687627488141

This table shows an interesting trend. Although warnings for AEs have reduced since 2011/12, AE withdrawals increased by 60%, and is at the highest level ever over the last seven years. It looks like DVSA are taking a harder line against AEs. On the other hand NT disqualifications and warnings were relatively unchanged. Perhaps DVSA are focussing more on AEs than was previously the case.

Since MOT Computerisation first started in 2005 VOSA, and now DVSA, have been able to see exactly what’s happening at your Testing Station – and with the new system, they can check on you even more easily, looking at your live ‘data’ for anomalies, such as too many failures or a very short Test. Sooner or later you could find a VE sitting outside your VTS in a car with a laptop, ready to re-Test a vehicle which has just been logged off the system.

If there’s a problem, the Tester will be interviewed and perhaps as AE you may be interviewed too. Even if there’s no problem with the Test, they may well decide to ‘sniff’ around the office to find something amiss. If there’s a big problem, eventually a ‘Contemplated Withdrawal of Authorisation’ letter arrives.

Trading nameLocationAuthorisation ceased due toCessation periodCessation notice issuedEffective date
Auto InspectionDarwenTechnical issues5 Years11/201511/01/2016
Creative Motor Management LimitedDroitwichAdministrative issues5 Years01/201624/02/2016
Advanced WTC LtdWallsendAdministrative issues5 Years01/201620/01/2016
DWR Autocentre LtdStirlingAdministrative issues5 Years01/201607/03/2016
Albion Row MOT StationNewcastle upon TyneAdministrative shortcomings5 years02/201622/03/2016
Autofix ServicesBristolAdministrative shortcomings5 years02/201618/04/2016
Look Car & CommercialBristolAdministrative shortcomings5 years04/201621/04/2016
Smiths AutosRotherhamAdministrative shortcomings5 years04/201630/04/2016
Mill GarageBonnybridgeAdministrative shortcomings5 years04/201619/04/2016
Trafford MOT CentreManchesterAdministrative shortcomings5 years04/201623/04/2016
AC LowsonEgglestoneAdministrative shortcomings5 years05/201625/05/2016
S & J V. EngineersErithAdministrative shortcomings2 years05/201628/06/2016
Colliers GarageAbertilleryAdministrative shortcomings5 years06/201611/06/2016

And soon more of these letters will arrive, as DVSA resources, which have lately been sucked into the new computer system, are directed back to enforcement activities – more visits, more disciplinary action, and more of those letters…

An expensive process

So, what to do now? If you are not a member of a trade body, and a high proportion of Testing Stations are not, partly because of the additional running cost to the business, then it’s too late – trade bodies might accept new members with current or recent MOT disciplinary issues outstanding but are unlikely to fund representation of those cases to the DVSA without making additional charges.

So there’s a dilemma – to pay a significant amount of money out up front, year after year, for Trade Body membership, on the basis that you might one day need it, or run the risk of lost time and stress trying to handle it yourself – or take the expensive option of employing an MOT Consultant or solicitor, to mitigate a burgeoning disaster in the form of ‘shed loads’ of penalty points or even withdrawal from the scheme.

Why should representation be so expensive?

Let’s look at the costs. To engage an MOT Consultant on a one-off basis involves an initial telephone conversation to discuss that DVSA letter, what happened and what was said, by the Tester, the AE, perhaps the customer, etc, etc. The consultant/solicitor analyses the case and makes the necessary representations to DVSA, to which they respond, and the consultant will again respond to that. After several rounds of negotiations, the consultant says, “…this is the best we’re going to get”, hopefully after resolving the case in your favour, or perhaps saving you points.

Costing up to £1,000, it’s an expensive experience, win or lose! More complex cases take longer and cost even more. It’s easy to see why trade bodies might be very wary of accepting membership applications from businesses already in receipt of a disciplinary letter!

The protection of a top MOT Consultant for a year, for less  than the price of two MOTs

Case Histories
Click here for two brief case histories of how the MOT SHIELD consultant was able to assist in reducing or commuting the penalties initially imposed.

At MOT Testing Magazine we receive calls from distressed AEs who have just received the bombshell ‘Contemplated Withdrawal’ letter from DVSA. Sometimes it blandly informs them that they have incurred 500 penalty points, and on top of those already carried, this means that their MOT Authority is withdrawn. That’s it. Game over. Who can they speak to? “What am I supposed to do now?” they ask. Up to now of course we couldn’t help them – all we could do was advise them to contact one of the MOT Consultants who advertise in our publication and hope that they can afford and receive good advice.

That has now changed. We thought about the problem, and decided that there was something we could do. We’ve brought together some of the leading MOT Consultants in the country and discussed how we could achieve a plan designed to give the full year-round protection of Professional MOT Consultancy to small and medium independent MOT businesses at an unprecedented low price.

MOT SHIELD – a game-changing development

We have created an innovative new product, providing small and medium Testing Stations with full access to leading MOT Consultant representation. We’re calling it MOT SHIELD and offering it at the astonishingly low price of only £99+VAT a year.

MOT SHIELD’s annual cost is designed to be a ‘no-brainer’; low enough that even the smallest Testing Station can afford it – equivalent to just two MOT Tests per year. Yet the assistance, advice and peace of mind which the plan brings is exactly the same as if paying the top fee from the most experienced MOT Consultants in the country.

The smallest MOT business operating on the tightest budget can afford this plan, which has been specifically designed for MOT Testing Magazine’s primary readership.

On joining MOT SHIELD your business receives exactly the same quality advice as the largest dealership paying for the highest level of consultant representation service from the country’s most expensive Trade Body – there is absolutely nothing ‘cut-price’ about the level of representation which is offered.

These are the benefits you will receive on MOT SHIELD’s acceptance of your membership:

  • One phone number to dial immediately if you receive a disciplinary communication from DVSA
  • Full written representation by a top UK MOT Consultant, all the way through to agreed completion of representation,
  • MOT SHIELD Forum membership with information, tips and advice,
  • Subscription to MOT TESTING & Workshop Magazine (worth £30 on its own!)
  • NOTHING MORE TO PAY! – Consultant’s fees are covered to the end of the case.

The full price for the above package is only £112.80 incl VAT per year, which includes subscription to MOT Testing Magazine.

Please note that disciplinary matters arising up to 28 days prior to membership application are not covered. However, we may to take on existing cases at a separately agreed price depending on details of the case.

To apply to join the MOT SHIELD:
Subscribe online: MOT SHIELD Subscription
Phone: 0208 998 6742
Post: Send cheque for £112.80 (incl VAT) to:
MOT Testing Magazine, 12 Princes Gardens, London W5 1SD, with your full VTS details.

You will receive an agreement  form to return to us, which if satisfactory we will then confirm your membership and you will then be fully covered, or your money back!

Enjoy the double benefits of MOT SHIELD DVSA discipline protection and a year’s subscription to MOT Testing Magazine!

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