MOT Test changes in May 2018 – beware of misinformation

DVSA New MOT Notification service

There will be a revised MOT Inspection Manual introduced this May, as we and some other motoring websites have reported. (The changes have come about because of significant changes in the European Union’s MOT rules, and while we are still members of the EU we must ensure that we abide by their rules).

Revised MOT Tester’s Manual

The changes to the Tests in the current Tester’s Manuals – both car and bike – are quite widespread, with many being subtle changes to the method of inspection. However, there are will also be many currently un-Tested items in the new Manual which will become Testable, although they won’t all be “pass” or “fail” as we would describe them in the current Manual. “Fail” will in future be further broken down into ‘”major” or “minor” fail.

For example reversing lamps will be MOT Tested (where they were not previously part of the MOT), but will only fail if the lamp is “likely to become detached” – a “major” fail. If it doesn’t work, or the lens is “defective”, it would only be a “minor” failure and the equivalent of the current “pass” would still apply.

DVSA have yet to finalise a fully revised Manual. The one available online (here) is still in draft form, and the final version will almost certainly be quite different.

Misleading information

Some online sources are currently providing misleading information. Only after DVSA have finally published an official revised Manual can anybody be absolutely certain of the actual changes.

Monitor this website for timely and accurate information as it becomes available.

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