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MOT of Bonnet release catch

MOT Test of Bonnet Catch (3)

The bonnet catch MOT checks are now included under “Visibility” – including the windscreen, mirrors and indirect vision cameras (Section 3) of the new MOT Testing Manual. The reasoning being that an insecure bonnet would be likely to fly up while the vehicle was moving and obscure the view of the driver.

The Tester will be looking for:

  • A bonnet that cannot be safely secured in the closed position
  • An excessively deteriorated, ineffective or insecure (bonnet) retaining device

If a bonnet can’t be opened, so preventing access to a testable item, the Tester will either abandon or refuse to carry out the Test.

The inspection is only for primary catches – those that hold the bonnet fully closed. Secondary safety catches aren’t part of the inspection.

The following categories apply to defects in this section:

a. A bonnet:
i. which cannot be safely secured in the closed position
ii. seriously at risk of opening inadvertently
b. A bonnet primary retaining device excessively deteriorated, ineffective or insecure.

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