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MOT Test of fuel system

MOT Test of Fuel System (6)

The fuel system of vehicles with internal combustion engines and hydrogen fuel cells will be inspected.

Any fuel leak will result in a fail. A hole or split in the fuel tank or filler neck will result in a fail, even if the hole or split is above the fuel line.

If unable to access the filler cap the Tester may refuse to Test the vehicle.

For gas powered vehicles a leak detection product will be used.

The fuel system is checked from under the bonnet and throughout the run of the fuel line from the fuel tank to the engine. It may be necessary to open the luggage compartment to carry out a full inspection of the fuel system.

The following categories apply to defects in this section:

a. Fuel tank, pipe or hose:
i. insecure
ii. insecure such that there is a risk of fire
b. Fuel system:
i. leaking, or missing or ineffective filler cap
ii. leaking excessively or a risk of fire
c. Fuel pipe or hose:
i. chafing
ii. damaged
d. Not in use
e. Fire risk due to fuel tank shield or exhaust shield missing where fitted as original equipment
f. Any part of an LPG/CNG/LNG or hydrogen system defective

Link to all MOT Test procedures and failure items descriptions HERE

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