MOT Test of Horn | What is checked

MOT Test of Horn

Audible Warning (7)

Formerly MOT Test of horn

An audible warning must be loud enough to be heard by other road users.

For vehicles first used on or after 1 August 1973, the sound emitted must be continuous or uniform. It can’t be harsh or grating.

The following can’t be used as an audible warning:

  • gongs
  • bells
  • sirens
  • anything that has more than one tone

However, on vehicles first used before 1906 the audible warning can be a gong, bell or siren.

The following categories apply to defects in this section:

a. Audible warning:
i. not working properly
ii. inoperativeMajor
b. Audible warning control insecureMinor
c. Audible warning:
i. sound not in accordance with requirements
ii. sound likely to be confused with an emergency vehicle siren

Note: The requirement that control can be easily reached by the driver appears to have been omitted by the regulators – this may be in error on their part.

Link to all MOT Test procedures and failure items descriptions HERE

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