MOT Tester’s Quiz

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Test your knowledge of the MOT Test.

We’ve put together some fairly easy questions about the MOT – with a couple of tricky ones to make you think.

Link to answers page is at the end. (Note: There are no prizes, and where answers are disputed the Editor assures us he is right).

1. Your bumper has been seriously damaged in an accident so you have taken it off and the bumper irons stick out dangerously. Would this cause an MOT failure?

a) Yes, because it could be a danger to other road users including pedestrians.

b) No, because a dangerous protrusion only results in a failure if it arises because the bodywork has either been damaged or is corroded.

c) Yes, because a failure results if the bumper has been removed.

2. Your battery is loose and a fire could result because the live terminal could spark to earth. Would that result in an MOT failure?

a) Yes, anything the MOT Tester decides is a threat to road safety can result in an MOT failure.

b) Yes, because anything on the vehicle which could cause a fire would fail the MOT.

c) No, because the condition of the battery and/or its mounting is not part of the MOT Test.

3. Your spare tyre is brand new but has a puncture. Would that result in an MOT failure?

a) Yes, because should you have a puncture you will be unable to change the wheel.

b) No, because the spare tyre is legal and not worn.

c) No, because the spare wheel and tyre are not examined in the MOT.

4. Your handbrake requires 7 ‘clicks’ before it engages and operates the brake. Would that pass the MOT?

a) No, because the MOT only allows three ‘clicks’ before the brake engages – any more results in a failure.

b) Yes, provided there is further travel available to allow for some brake wear.

c) No, because the MOT only allows five ‘clicks’ before the brake engages – any more results in a failure.

5. Your odometer failed when it registered 45063 miles, which was just after the last MOT. Would that result in an MOT failure?

a) No, because the odometer is not part of the MOT.

b) Yes, because the odometer must be working to record the accurate mileage for the MOT.

c) Yes, because the odometer is connected to the speedometer, which must be working for the MOT.

6. Your vehicle has had its catalytic converter removed and replaced by a normal exhaust silencer but passes the emissions Test. Does it fail the MOT because it hasn’t got a catalytic converter when it should have one?

a) No, if it passes the emissions part of the MOT that is acceptable.

b) Yes, the absence of the catalytic converter when the vehicle was originally fitted with one will result in an MOT failure.

c) Yes, because all vehicles must now be fitted with a catalytic converter.

7. Your car has separate side-lights and headlamps. There are no sidelights in the headlamps. When the side-lights are switched on, one of the headlamps illuminates. Is that an MOT failure?

a) No, because there is not a ‘reason for rejection’ which describes this situation in the MOT regulations.

b) Yes because the headlamps should not be illuminated when the side-lights are operated.

c) Yes because it is potentially dangerous.

8. Your vehicle has four tyres which are correct, matched in every respect and correctly fitted except that the tread patters are all different. Will this result in an MOT failure?

a) Yes, because it essential that all the tyre tread patterns are the same.

b) Yes, because tyres on the same axle must have the same tread pattern.

c) No, because the tread pattern is not part of the MOT.

9. There is a crack in your car’s windscreen travelling upwards from the bottom of the screen directly in front of the driver. It extends 15mm into the part of the screen swept by the wiper but is not directly in the driver’s line of sight when driving. Will that result in an MOT failure?

a) No, because it doesn’t obscure the driver’s vision.

b) Yes, because where it is located a crack must not exceed 10mm in length.

c) No, because a cracked windscreen cannot fail the MOT.


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