MOT Testing 86 – August 2015

Sample Issue

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In the August 2015 issue

Once again the MOT Test is employed as a political device – Is it becoming a political tradition? – The new government is extending a vehicle’s first MOT to its fourth year. Once again, the already hard pressed MOT industry will cut back on investment and training until the uncertainty is resolved…

4. Testing Times – News from the MOT industry: Alistair Peoples, the DVSA Chief, resigns; IMI lobby for repair licencing; the media misunderstands emissions…

8. Topical Tips – The SMTA’s David Innes suggests that MOT Testers should be put under the same pressure during during a QC Test as during the normal Testing day, to ensure that Testers become ‘immune’ to pressure and don’t make mistakes…

10. Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – Topics this issue cover DVSA’s service failings, Manual updates, qualification discrimination and how typical are the faults in the ‘set-up’ vehicles DVSA use to catch Testers out…

15. Interview – Editor Jim Punter talks to Head of MOT Scheme Modernisation  Neil Barlow.

16. Spotlight On: – Autonomous vehicles, telematics and the MOT – Telematics is already shaping up as a problem for independent service garages, and the arrival of driverless cars looks likely to bring those problems, and more, into sharp focus where the MOT is concerned…

18. DVSA and DfT News – More news from the DVSA and the DfT – What happened to the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed between VOSA and the industry in 2009?… Revised training being discussed by DVSA and IMI… Department for Transport News: New regulations to comply with EC directives, the review of the MOT Fee, consulting on the change to
4-1-1, and introducing the new Minister, Andrew Jones.

20. Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from Eamonn Loney’s casebook – Further examples of Testing out of proper class: is it a class VII or an HGV? The computer may mislead you! An example of DVSA not following proper procedure, and having their case quashed. If you started out as sole trader and are now a Ltd company, have you told DVSA?…

21. Product Review: – Automated Testing Lanes – ATLs provide, once the initial cost is absorbed, an efficient means of conducting a consistent MOT Test. There is no question that ATLS are the way to go for the MOT, as is being demonstrated throughout Europe.

Plus:  Topical Tips and FREE MOT Workshop magazine.


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