MOT Testing 87 – November 2015

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In the November 2015 issue

What is going on with diesel emissions Testing? –  Do Testing Stations properly MOT test diesel engines for smoke
emissions?– With one hand the government is passing legislation to reduce emissions, and with the other it seems to be allowing emissions, and especially particulate emissions from HGVs, to be ignored. Jim Punter and Dave Garatt report…

4. Testing Times – News from the MOT industry: VW: were they spoofing the MOT? First MOT after 4 years – really? Tyres are already bad enough after 3! Comp 2: the latest, very public, DVSA debacle hits the mainstream media…

7. Introducing MOT SHIELD  – Worried by the prospect of disciplinary action by DVSA? Consider subscribing to the new “MOT SHIELD” Consultancy Representation service…

8. Topical Tips – The MOT Club’s John Ashton assures us that even though there is no facility to record QA checks on the new computer, they are still essential to avoid being marked down on Site Assessment visits…

10. Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – Inevitably the new computer switchover generated more than a few letters from very frustrated business owners. Our editor assures correspondents that “The MOT Industry does not have to accept this shoddy treatment from the DVSA”…

16. Spotlight On: – MOT and road safety – Plotted on a graph since the current 3-1-1 MOT regime took effect in 1967, there’s been a dramatic reduction in road deaths. Editor Jim Punter takes a look at the contribution the MOT Scheme makes to road safety.

18. DVSA and DfT News – More news from the DVSA and the DfT – Editor JIM PUNTER talks to DVSA’s MOT Group Service Manager Alex Fiddes. Training: IMI’s Ian Gillgrass provides us with an insight into what DVSA have planned for the future. New refresher training looks very vague and a formal consultation on historic vehicles is due soon – will it be a ‘stitch-up’?

20. Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from Eamonn Loney’s casebook – Eamonn reminds us that there are many ways in which a VTS can fall foul of DVSA and very quickly rack up points. Here he provides a few tips on how to stay on the right side…

21. Product Review:  – The ‘Connected’ car, and Diagnostic equipment  – This is a very important issue for independent garages. If car makers get their way, independents will be locked out of their proprietory systems and be unable to service vehicles without paying probably large sums of money for the privilege. We provide a buyers Guide of some of the industry’s leading equipment.

30. MOT Trade Directory – The indispensable updated guide to tools & equipment suppliers!


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