MOT Testing 88 – February 2016

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In the February 2016 issue

The MOT Fee – when will it be reviewed? – Regular MOT Fee reviews are a distant memory, as is the last fee increase. There are many reasons why the MOT Fee should be increased – why do successive governments ignore it, while increasing the workload?
MOT Training… We are very close to seeing the long-promised successor to the NTT.
Jim punter talked to IMIs Ian Gilgrass to find out how the changes will affect the MOT industry.

4. Testing Times – News from the MOT industry: Why are DVSA not publishing MOT Quality figures? An update on the VW emissions scandal; HPI Ltd have severe misgivings about the proposed introduction of 4-1-1 Testing; why do cab drivers prefer an MOT to the council’s own inspection? And are fewer classic car owners MOT Testing their vehicles?…

8. Topical Tips – The RMI’s Steve Coles reminds us that Test logs are now available on the MOT computer, and gives us some guidance on how they can be best used…

10. Readers’ Letters – More letters from the Editor’s postbag – encompassing subjects such as Vehicle Specific Information, rescinding penalty points, re-examination of Advisory items, and “Are there too many VTSs?” …

18. Spotlight On: – The MOT Testing Scheme – Jim Punter looks at the MOT’s history, development and definitions, strengths and weaknesses, its owners and stakeholders. He concludes that taking into account the current level of Testing error rates, the MOT makes a major contribution to road safety.

20. DVSA and DfT News – More news from the DVSA and the DfT – From DVSA we have notes on Training changes, and their ‘Future Vision’ relating to the MOT computer, while a few current shortcomings are noted. From the DfT, news of three current consultations; 4-1-1, the MOT Fee and HIstoric Vehicle MOTs…

22. Consultant’s Casebook – More tips from Eamonn Loney’s casebook – Eamonn’s cases can often involve some serious issues. Here he recounts an inverted appeal case with an unusual twist, and ‘mystery shopper’ case with a salutory lesson…

24. Product Review: – Emissions equipment  – Vehicle emissions are responsible for more deaths than road traffic accidents, so should DVSA be enforcing emissions regulations more vigorously? Followed by a review of some of the leading brands of Emissions Testing equipment on the market today.


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